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December 6, 2006: THE JOURNAL NEWS
Valley Cottage Occupational Therapist Lists Top Toy Picks

Helene Collins' sons and a couple of their friends sat down one recent afternoon and played a board game called the Black Pirate Ship.

The youngsters squeezed a bellows to power their pirate ship and rolled dice as they competed to escape the pirate and escape with a chest full of treasure . . .

October 4, 2005: THE JOURNAL NEWS
Rockland Students Learn About Backpack Safety

Locally and nationally, health officials are urging children, parents and teachers to be conscious of the risks of improper backpack use. Last month, the therapy association marked its annual "National School Backpack Awareness Day." In the Palisades Center mall that day, the association joined with Giant Leaps Occupational Therapy of Valley Cottage to sponsor a backpack-awareness program. There, occupational therapists weighed children's backpacks and gave advice. ... Read Full Article >>