Welcome & Mission Statement

Welcome to Giant Leaps Occupational Therapy! We hope this site helps you to learn more about our services and provides information and resources that may help your child.

Our mission at Giant Leaps Occupational Therapy is to help children develop their fullest potential for the tasks and roles of childhood. These tasks include playing, learning and acquiring self-care skills, as well as executing roles such as student, friend, sibling, and daughter or son. To meet each child’s area of need, we employ a variety of strategies, and the unique interests of the child guide the intervention. Often, the child is involved in designing goals and charting progress. Parents and caregivers are also integral to the process. We collaborate with families to create strategies that enhance daily routines and to design home activities that will accelerate their child’s progress. We help develop compensatory strategies and environmental accommodations needed to additionally enhance the child’s everyday functional performance. We also collaborate with other professionals on the child’s team, including teachers and school therapists.

The way the child feels about himself or herself is at the heart of our intervention. We want the children we serve to become aware of their many strengths … we build on strengths and review accomplishments with caregivers at the end of our sessions. We also encourage children to understand and manage their own challenges and needs in order to become effective advocates for themselves.

Again, we hope you will find our site helpful. We are planning regular special educational events. We welcome you to come back to check out our latest offerings.