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How long will my child require therapy?

The length of time that a child receives occupational therapy is dependent on their individual needs. Treatment plans and goals are reviewed periodically to determine therapeutic progress and the need for additional therapy. In consultation with parent(s) and child, therapy is discontinued as soon as therapeutic goals have been met or therapeutic benefits have been maximized. It is not uncommon for a child to need 50 to 80 sessions, typically 30-60 minutes one to three times per week.

Do all children with autism have sensory integration difficulties?

About 70% of children with autism have sensory integration difficulties. Our experience has shown that sensory integration intervention attenuates the symptoms experienced by these children.

What do I need to do as a parent to ensure that my child gets the most out of therapy?

At Giant Leaps, we welcome and encourage parent participation during sessions. We love to see parents and caregivers EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF PLAY with their child, tween, teen or young adult. Observing OT sessions gives caregivers the opportunity ask questions and gain a better understanding of therapy techniques/strategies used to help their loved one participate in their daily tasks. Parent education often takes place during, or at the end of therapy sessions; Homework is often assigned, and this allows for carry over of therapeutic activities into routines outside the clinic, in their loved one’s home, school, or avocational routines.  With a greater understanding of therapeutic tools available, we believe parents can feel empowered to respond well to their loved ones, needs and behaviors. 

Participation in home programs will affect your child’s success in occupational therapy to a great extent. Because the therapeutic contact time is limited, the sensory diet and home exercise programs are necessary to cement skills and strategies. The quality of the home program will help determine the length of time required to reach the child’s therapeutic goals. We will work with you and your family to ensure that home programs are manageable and easily integrated into schedules and routines.

How is therapy at Giant Leaps different from that offered at the child’s school?

In order for your child to receive school-based services with an IEP, they must demonstrate an educational need as per the school based support team. School based therapy is designed to aid the child to be functional within the school environment. This does not mean that the child’s performance is optimized. Additionally, sensory processing difficulty is not a stand alone qualifier for a child to receive occupational therapy services in the school setting. At Giant Leaps, we want to see your child reach their full potential in home, community and school environments. We are not bound by IEP goals and academic policies. Instead, we are able to focus on parent and child identified priorities that may not be prioritized in school such as bicycle riding, for example.


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