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Our custom designed facility, insight based in clinical research, and experience set us apart.

Does your child, teen or young adult struggle with regulating their body, making friends, engaging in physical play, thinking flexibly or completing tasks on time? Does it feel like your child is a step behind?

These are just a few common challenges for children and teens who need help building fundamental social, fine and gross motor and executive functioning skills. These gaps make it harder for children and teens to get through their day, which can leave them feeling anxious, irritable, overexcited or exhausted.

We can help.

At Giant Leaps Occupational Therapy, the way each child feels about themself is at the heart of our intervention. Our experienced therapy team focuses on a strengths-based approach to build confidence and resilience along with critical motor, social emotional and self-advocacy skills. We work with families to develop individualized strategies that children of all ages can use, independently and with support, to overcome challenges and participate meaningfully throughout their day. For each of our services, or reasons why parents might come to Giant Leaps, we have evidence based strategies, curriculum, and opportunities to practice things that help children build skills. Let us help them make a GIANT LEAP of progress!

Additionally every inch of our facility has been custom designed and thought out from a child’s perspective to create challenges children of any diagnosis may benefit from. Special hideaways, and surprises are behind every corner of Giant Leaps’ amazing facility. There is truly no space like it. Even the most reserved child will find something that sparks their internal drive to PLAY. What will your child find?   

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