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social skills 

Many children with learning or motor delays also have trouble developing the social sensitivity necessary to forming and sustaining relationships with peers. 

In a small group setting, our group members learn and practice the essential elements of friendship. A variety of themes, such as “Winning and Losing,” “Listening to Others,” and “What am I Feeling?” are often explored in the context of engaging play activities and crafts. Children learn how to identify feelings in themselves and others, as well as how to talk through conflicts and miscommunications that arise in their play. Utilizing Social Thinking concepts, children also learn the difference between “expected” and “unexpected” behaviors during social situations and more.

Drawing upon their training in psychosocial development, our occupational therapists facilitate group sessions with others in a way that points out specific social skills. Our groups are kept small to allow for adequate attention to individual as well as group needs. Parents are an essential element to our groups’ successes; parents are always welcome to participate and become a part of the social group, aiding their ability to carryover the lessons at home, at the playground, or the next birthday party.






about social skills (2 and up)

When most parents talk about social skills past the age of 2 years, many are referencing their childs ability to play with and get along with other children in manners of age appropriate play. 

A child may blurt out things at inappropriate times, or say things to classmates which are perhaps better left unsaid (even if they are true!) leading them to struggle with making friends. They may not have the awareness needed to repair the situation or stop a similar one form happening in the future. 

The good news is that social skills are just that – skills!

Which means that with some practice and a careful therapeutic approach to foster self-esteem while they learn, your child can and will make the progress needed to create and maintain valuable friendships. 

Practice makes progress!


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