what our clients are saying

“engaging & creative…”

Kyle always looked forward to OT at Giant Leaps.  His sessions were engaging and creative. He had fun while gaining skills. We also were given some helpful suggestions to help with sensory overload out in the community and at home.
Marni R.

As a social worker, I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing sand tray and play therapy alongside Tammy in her treatment sessions with young patients. As we worked together, we were able to effectively combine strategies that allowed the children to explore their cognitive and emotional states as they moved through their physical exercises. The result was a richer, more intuitive and modulated experience for both patient and clinician.  It was a pleasure to work with Tammy and experience her creativity!

Tammy has been working with my son for almost three years and I feel that there has been impressive growth in large part due to her therapy. She is extremely dedicated and loving and has a broad and deep knowledge in her field. Her gym is truly a therapeutic space- it is attractive, colorful, exciting and child-centered. She conducted zoom sessions three times weekly with our son for several months during the COVID-19 surge in NY and engaged and challenged him and helped me to learn how to work with him during our daily life. We are extremely grateful for her leadership and care.

Tammy has developed a deep and loving relationship with our son and our family that has been extremely supportive of his growth in all ways. She is gifted in diagnosing learning needs. Her creativity and playfulness facilitate her ability to engage children exactly where they are. The way that she engages my son is confidence-boosting and challenging and has inspired my parenting and understanding of my son and has even carried over to my understanding of my neurotypical older child. It is largely because of his work with her that our son has continued to blossom in his preschool years and that i feel that he will continue to have the support that he needs as he transitions to kindergarten. She is a gifted, compassionate and highly skilled expert in her field and will for certain engage any child regardless of the medium, including online!!


“…nothing but the highest regard for their skill set and professionalism.”

Our son needed assistance and we were fortunate enough to find Tammy at Giant Leaps. She and her staff taught him many skills including how to ride a two-wheel bicycle. We used Giant Leaps for several years and have nothing but the highest regard for their skill set and professionalism.
Vicky K.

“[Tammy] intuitively knew what areas needed to be targeted and developed a treatment plan that has spanned from elementary through middle school.…”

Although our son received OT at school as part of his IEP it was clear that he needed more time.  We found Tammy Belcher of Giant Leaps through our special education advocate and could not be more thrilled. 

It was evident at the start that Tammy was operating several levels above what we were receiving through our district.  She formed an immediate rapport with our son and intuitively knew what areas needed to be targeted and developed a treatment plan that has spanned from elementary through middle school. 

Tammy has been an incredible ally on our journey and is dedicated to not allowing our son’s diagnosis define him or limit his opportunities.  She has teamed with our private speech therapist and classroom teachers to provide carryover opportunities and was able to quickly pivot to remote therapy as a result of COVID. 

It was due to Tammy’s unwavering confidence in our son’s abilities that I was able to insist he be placed in a classroom of higher functioning peers where he is currently thriving.  It is a big commitment for us to travel 72 miles round trip to therapy appointments but the return on that investment has been of great value and something we know we have needed to do to get the right support.

Jennifer S.

tremendous ability to connect with children and make them feel comfortable

My family has had the pleasure of knowing Tammy for the last few years as both of my daughters have worked with her.  Tammy has the tremendous ability to connect with children and make them feel comfortable.  She not only challenges them to learn new skills/techniques but she demonstrates patience and compassion as they work in their development.  She is very creative in her lessons and makes them interactive and fun for the children. Tammy not only helped our daughters in their development, but she made them more confident and have the skills to overcome new challenges.  Our family not only views Tammy as a dedicated professional, we view her as a friend for life.

John H.

“not only helped me with my OT goals, but also my life goals”

Tammy Belcher of Giant Leaps OT, was such a great fit not just for me, but anybody she has, is, or will work with. While Tammy is a world-class Occupational Therapist, she is so much more than that. Tammy Belcher not only helped me with my OT goals, but also my life goals, and was someone who truly wants to help others achieve the best!

17 year old boy, post-treatment

they also respected each child’s individual process

As a mother of three boys with developmental challenges and delays, I feel so very lucky to have had the expertise of Tammy Belcher and whole the Giant Leaps team as a resource while they were young. They were not only warm and kind, but they also respected each child’s individual process. My boys are all thriving now, and I know that it is thanks in great part to Giant Leaps!


“We originally brought our son to giant leaps for some balance issues and athletic confidence and agility but we have gotten so much more. After just a couple months my almost 8 year old has participate and physical activities at school that he was previously anxious about. He can make friends with anyone in school and outside of school with random kids his age while we are on vacation. Anthony and Alexis are so attentive and nurturing and also patient with my husband and I addressing all of our concerns and taking the time to offer us solutions. I love the way anthony shows my son so much affection that clearly comforts him and Alexis engages my son with games beyond his age that I am so pleasantly surprised to see him comprehend.”


“my daughter transformed before our eyes…”

Tammy’s creative approach to individualized patient care allowed my daughter to overcome her Sensory challenges and become the successful young woman she is today.

When my family first approached my daughter’s Sensory challenges, we didn’t understand the concerns.  She appeared to be fully functional and this made it hard for us to recognize her differences.  Tammy was patient with us, first explaining the issues and then helping to set goals.  She engaged us from the very beginning and provided suggestions on how we could reinforce the therapy session on a daily basis. This approach led to faster, longer lasting results.  Through these behavioral changes, my daughter transformed before our eyes to the successful women she is today.

Susan G.

“[Tammy] has a tireless work ethic, is fully committed to her craft..”.

Tammy has been working with our son for 1 year. She is always driven to help our son succeed in all facets of his life. Tammy plans for every session and uses her creativity to meet his needs. She has a tireless work ethic, is fully committed to her craft, and communicates with us often. Tammy is an excellent therapist, and your child would be lucky to work with her.
Andrew L.


Tammy’s knowledge of her field and her ability to adapt interventions to meet the needs of the children she works with are exceptional.
Carolyn H.

a very caring and empathetic person and those attributes shine like a ray of light through her work.

Tammy is someone who is truly dedicated to her work. She has the ability to understand how to reach out and help your child all while keeping it fun and interesting for them. She really took the time to get to know my son and learn his interests to incorporate that into his therapies to make it tailored to him. Tammy is versatile, and can easily vary the type of support/therapy needed based on how receptive a child is to what activity is offered. It was evident her knowledge of her field was vast. She is a very caring and empathetic person and those attributes shine like a ray of light through her work.

helped me learn, as a parent, about my children’s needs and how to help them grow daily

We love Giant Leaps! My three children have grown so much and increased their abilities while in therapy here. Tammy always created fun, exciting, new ways to practice skills for my children to meet therapy goals. I was also impressed with the clinic. It was also very clean, safe and had new, interesting equipment and games to keep my children interested. Bringing my children to Giant Leaps helped me learn, as a parent, about my children’s needs and how to help them grow daily. Our family is very grateful to have found Giant Leaps!

Fuller Family

“also been invaluable in helping us advocate for our son with his school”

It is a privilege having Tammy work with our son. Tammy is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and creative. She has worked tirelessly with us and our son and we have seen our son improve greatly. Tammy has also been invaluable in helping us advocate for our son with his school. We moved out of Rockland County but have continued working with Tammy because her help has been irreplaceable.
Becky C.

“Tammy has the education, experience, facility, equipment, and staff that no one else does.”

Ms. Belcher has worked with my kids for a number of years and made them do things that my wife and I didn’t think were possible for them to do. Tammy has the education, experience, facility, equipment, and staff that no one else does. She goes the distance for your kids. Private therapy costs a lot, but this is one area of a child’s development that one should not skimp on.
Edward C.

“facility is state of the art…”

Giant leaps is a wonderful faculty with an amazing staff! My son learned so much there to help with his sensory seeking behaviors.  Their facility is state of the art and can address any type of OT needs for your child. They are an absolute pleasure to work with!
Suzette T.

“the most holistic thinking and creative OT around.”

Probably the most holistic thinking and creative OT around. That’s why, after working with Tammy for several years within a school district, I brought my granddaughter for a consultation and assessment to Giant Leaps.
Stu G.

professional, comprehensive, skilled and compassionate

Tammy and I have been colleagues for over 25 years. Her commitment to lifelong learning, mentorship, clinical excellence, creativity and innovative occupational therapy interventions with children is evident the moment you walk into Giant Leaps. I highly recommend Tammy Belcher and Giant Leaps to families and professionals seeking professional, comprehensive, skilled and compassionate occupational therapy services.
Amanda EdD, OTR/L

“Giant Leaps was a life saver.”

Giant Leaps was a life saver. My young son suffers from sensory issues.  I had no idea how to help him. When I reached out to Giant Leaps I finally spoke to someone who understood what my son was going through. One visit to Giant Leaps and my son was hooked.  He made tremendous progress and while he still has sensory issues, he now has strategies to calm his body down. I am forever grateful to Giant Leaps!
Michele W.

“genuine concern…”

Ms. Belcher is a resource for parents, teachers and students. Her genuine concern for students and her wide knowledge base has allowed her to become a professional to whom teachers, parents and students turn in order to find effective sensory alternatives to difficult behaviors.
Carmela W.

Thanks to Tammy and her staff my child is able to participate in…rites of passage.”

The staff at Giant Leaps is friendly and understands that each child has their own unique strengths, weaknesses and needs. Additionally, each child is met where they are. They are given a path on which to increase their strengths and decrease their weaknesses while modifying the path to best fit the child’s needs. Additionally, every victory from the smallest to the largest is celebrated.  

Every time I watch my child accomplish a task which is age appropriate I think back to the time we spent at Giant Leaps working with Tammy so that these skills would develop.  Whether that skill was something as simple as being able to enjoy having “Happy Birthday” sung to you, or as large as riding a 10-speed bicycle without even thinking about it. Thanks to Tammy and her staff my child is able to participate in these rites of passage. I will always be grateful for Tammy’s dedication and knowledge.

Mary L.

“talented, kind, funny, and was able to completely engage my child”

Tammy walked hand in hand with me to support my child as we worked to diagnose and then treat his sensory integration disorder, dysgraphia and what turned out to be an additional serious disorder. She is talented, kind, funny, and was able to completely engage my child in the process, which at the time, was no small task.

an incredibly nurturing and state-of-the-art therapeutic environment

Over the course of the nearly three years that my daughter received occupational therapy services at Giant Leaps for motor delays and sensory processing issues, she developed strategies, skills and self-confidence that helped her to not only succeed, but to excel. Within an incredibly nurturing and state-of-the-art therapeutic environment, children are challenged to venture outside their comfort zone and make extraordinary progress. Each child is truly seen and treated as an individual and we are deeply grateful to Tammy and the Giant Leaps team for their expertise, advocacy and care.
Jennifer C.


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